Welcome to My Family Tree Pages

Over the years since I first became infected by the persistent genealogy bug, many people have been generous in sharing the results of their own research to enable me to further mine. In particular, the community at Rootschat have perfored miracles in identifying missing links in my tree. If you aren't a "Rootschatter" then I urge you to sign up. It's brilliant and, amazingly, it's free.

Here is sone of what I have uncovered about my own ancestors starting with my four grandparents.


Vincents of Fressingfield , Suffolk

In England in the eighteenth century , there were four main clusters of Vincents:

Mine are the latter and were living around Fressingfield close to the Waveney River which is the border with Norfolk to the north ("North Folk" and "South Folk"!).

Thomas and Davies of The Teifi Valley in West Wales

All of my mother's forebears are Welsh (and for almost all of them, Welsh is still their first language. She was one of the first generation to leave "The Land of Her Fathers" to move , in 1934 to London to train as a nurse.

Murthas of Dundalk, County Louth

My paternal grandmother was born in Sunderland, Couny Durham and both her parents were from all-Irish ancestors. The Murthas left County Louth in 1855 and settled in Sunderland where John and Michael Murtha each produced large families.